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Workday Adaptive Planning

Workday Adaptive Planning is a leading Financial Planning and Analysis tool. Its strong points are modelling and financial reporting as well as having a comprehensive application programming interface (API).

I spent nine years at ABM Systems (now Decision Inc), Australia's first Adaptive Planning partner, and I have kept up with new releases.

Modelling Capabilities

Any good BI tool can give you a view of the past but budgeting, forecasting needs a model of the future. This usually starts as Excel. It will become apparent very quickly that Excel lacks the security and functionality to do this well. It's inefficient and error-prone which is a major risk.

A proper budgeting tool allows for separate models of income and expense to interact. It supports a security architecture that protects sensitive information and implements workflow for budget phases. There is a world of difference between a kludge of spreadsheets and an elegant, fit-for-purpose system.

Integration Capabilities

Adaptive has so many good options for data integration that it can be a bit overwhelming:

Adaptive allows custom integrations of several flavours


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