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Workday Adaptive Planning Implementation & Integration

Since early 2012, I have been working as a consultant and manager, delivering FP&A and Business Intelligence solutions.

I am now freelance, offering Workday Adaptive Planning delivery services, including design, build, financial modelling and integration.

My Adaptive integrations can include:

One trick that I've developed is to load data without using Adaptive's mapping tables. Mapping can be useful but in most cases it's redundant. Normally, when you create a new level, you also need to add a mapping for it. This is a waste of effort and a possible source of error. If your cost centres include the level code as part of the name (which is good practice), I can pull the hierarchy from Adaptive and build the mapping table in code. For example, if the raw data has a cost centre codes like "4321" and the levels have names like "4321 - Facilities Management" there is no need to use mappings.

Some features and options include:

Adaptive's API can also be used for bulk updates, like creating a large set of users or other ad hoc projects such as moving data between plan versions.

A new feature of the API allows extracting security events, which you may want for an audit or ISO 27001 compliance.


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